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Connecting decision makers with the industrial capacity to execute a plan,
The Real Transition Conference is an exclusive event to illustrate what is possible and kick start the conversations that will lead to a decarbonised and energy independent future for the Netherlands.



A dynamic venue for conversations that will set the course of the Netherlands' real energy transition.


Our full day's programme will chart a path through the complicated area of energy and the development of wind, nuclear and solar projects in the Netherlands' industrial context.

Speakers will illustrate what is possible, connecting energy technologies with likely buyers and illustrating potential outcomes for policymakers.

What would a thriving, decarbonised and secure Netherlands actually look like and what are the moving parts to get us there?

The goal of The Real Transition Conference is to set up fruitful conversations and relationships that will deliver an energy transition over years to come.




Opening words

Presenting the Real Energy Transition Plan

Mathijs Beckers, e-Lise


Nuclear ships and synthetic fuels

Rauli Partanen, Synergetic




Nuclear in industry

Anicet Touré, Engie Tractebel


Getting the policy in place

Joris van Dorp, RePlanet




Small Modular Reactor panel

Sophie McFarlane-Smith, Rolls Royce SMR

Fredrik Vitabäck, GE-Hitachi

Hans Shoenmakers, Last Energy

Mike Drury, Terrestrial Energy




Fermi Energia: 0 to 1

Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia


Closing keynote

Aaldrik Haijer, Water & Energy Solutions




Rauli Partanen

Rauli is an award-winning science writer and communicator on climate and energy. His books include Climate Gamble - Is Antinuclear Activism Endangering our Future (2015), The Dark Horse - Nuclear Power and Climate Change (2020) and The Age of Energy - Understanding Growth, Prosperity and Environmental Destruction (2022). Since 2018, he has been leading Think Atom, a non-profit think tank focusing on deep decarbonisation with nuclear energy. In 2022, Rauli joined the development company Synergetic, which aims to enable a transition into clean energy and fuels at massive scale with advanced deployment models for nuclear energy.


Joris van Dorp

Joris van Dorp, MSc. MEng, is an experienced consulting engineer in the building design, construction and major renovation sector. Recognising the importance of clean, affordable and reliable energy provision, and the practical drawbacks of seeking to rely only on natural energy flows such as wind, solar, and biomass, Joris has long been championing the application of sustainable nuclear energy technologies and challenging the misguided ideology of the antinuclear environmental movement.


Fredrik Vitabäck

Fredrik Vitabäck have worked, over the last decade, focused on Sales of Nuclear technology in the European market. Right now he is overseeing Market development activities in Europe and focus on the accelerated deployment of BWRX-300 across the European union.

Fredrik Corporate Photo Vitaback close.jpg

Kalev Kallemets

Kalev Kallemets, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO of Fermi Energia, company established early 2019 by Estonian nuclear energy professionals and business people to develop Small Modular Reactor deployment in Estonia. Mr. Kallemets earned his Ph.D. from Tallinn University of Technology studying energy economics.


Mr. Kallemets has extensive private & public sector experience from an Estonian private energy company, Ministry of Economic Affairs, deputy director of Geological Survey of Estonia and as Member of Parliament of Estonia


Anicet Touré

Anicet Touré is a passionate engineer, with a masters degree in nuclear engineering, driven by creating solutions to decarbonize the whole economy. He joined Belgium headquartered engineering company Tractebel in 2015 where he has worked as a design engineer and technical integrator on the Belgian nuclear long term operation programme and on new design assessment. Since 2019, Anicet has been appointed as Product Director for SMRs, where he manages SMR-related innovation, strategy, and business development activities, with a strong focus on focus on decarbonizing the industry beyond electricity generation. He was formerly also in charge of SMR project teams until March 2022. Anicet acts as a representative for Tractebel within several SMR international working groups such as EUR, IAEA and Foratom.


Sophie McFarlane-Smith

Sophie is the Head of Customer Engagement for Rolls-Royce SMR, with responsibility for the development of global customer opportunities and associated government relationships.


After completing a Master’s Degree in the Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors at Birmingham University, Sophie joined the reactor physics team of Rolls-Royce in 1996.  Her career in Rolls-Royce included a range of technical and project delivery roles covering multiple sectors including Submarines, Naval and Commercial Marine and Civil Nuclear.  Sophie joined the Rolls-Royce SMR Business in 2019.


Sophie is a Chartered Physicist, Chair of the UK Nuclear Industry Association’s New Build Group and has two children.

sophie image001.jpg

Hans Schoenmakers

Hans Schoenmakers is Netherlands Country Manager at Last Energy, overseeing Political/Governmental and business relations in the Netherlands and adjacent countries. Throughout his career since 1985 Hans has held several senior management functions in the Dutch energy industry. Hans worked as Managing Director/CEO of Uniper Benelux and Managing Director of the ROAD CCS-project. In these roles he has been responsible for major investments in power production facilities and the development of decarbonization projects. Hans has held board positions at the Dutch Association of Cooperating Power Producers (SEP/NEA) dealing with the negotiations on the dismantling of a nuclear power plant and the Dutch Association for Energy Companies (Energie Nederland). Hans received his degree in Law in 1985 and in Management Science in 1996.

Schoenmakers_249_JW_37384 (002) (002).jpg

Michael Drury

Michael is the Managing Director of Terrestrial Energy UK developing the IMSR power plant for commercial deployment in the early 2030s to help decarbonise the hard to abate industries. Previously Michael held roles representing the UK on Advanced Nuclear Technologies for both SMR and AMR on behalf of government at the IAEA, led the Newbuild, SMR and AMR teams as account director for the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory working across multiple reactor technologies from both Gen III and Gen IV reactors and has held senior positions within industry such as the chair of the UK Molten Salt Technology Platform. He has worked in industry developing engineering solutions on major projects such as Chernobyl NSC, ITER Fusion programme, Magnox decommissioning programmes and on multiple programmes across the existing fleet of UK AGR reactors and PWR reactor at Sizewell B. Having started his career in automotive at Jaguar Landrover working on 6-sigma root cause investigations and developing volume production transmissions, he is now focussed on delivering advanced modular reactors, a molten salt reactor, providing thermal heat and power for deployment in the UK, the IMSR.

MDrury LinkedIn.jfif

Aaldrik Haijer

Aaldrik is the Managing Director at Water & Energy Solutions. Water & Energy Solutions is a technical consultancy company with origins in chemical technology. They are experts in identifying optimization opportunities in the process industry by analyzing the interactions between core processes and utilities such as gas, water, steam and electricity. 



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